Please read this first paragraph before completing the application to avoid filling out the wrong application.

If a Panel Attorney is not available in the participant’s area, the participant can find their own attorney to become a Designated Attorney. Designated Attorneys are given a one time approval to work on one case and the approval is done in our office. Panel Attorneys are added to our referral listing and the application must be approved at the Board of Trustees meeting which occur every 3 months. If you have a member who has requested your help now, you will need to complete a Designated Attorney application. If you do not have a member who has requested your help and you only want to be added to our referral listing, you will need to complete a Panel Attorney application (link to this application can be found on the right hand side of this page).

Designated Attorneys must receive a new approval every time they wish to represent a Teamster member.

All of the documents below must be submitted in order for your application to be processed.

If you decide to become a Designated Attorney, we will need the following:

  1. Complete the Designated Attorney Agreement, which requires the signatures of two witnesses.
  2. Complete a W-9.
  3. Have the participant complete and sign the claim form and the Notice of Rights and Responsibilities. The attorney’s signature is also required.
  4. Produce a copy of your current Malpractice Insurance Declaration page. (Insurance amount required is $100k / $300k. Oregon attorneys have a required amount of $50k/$300k)


The documents can be returned by:


Mail: Western Conference of Teamsters P.O. Box 2340 Stockton, CA 95201

Fax: (209) 940-5251

CLAIM NUMBER: A claim number will be issued once all of these documents have been received and processed. A claim number must be issued before any work is performed on the member’s case. If you perform work before receiving a Claim Number, you will not be paid.

BILLING: All billing must be itemized with specific dates of service & fees per date of service. Billing must be submitted to the addresses listed above.

A participant pays no fees in connection with their representation. The Plan pays all attorney fees.

The Plan does not pay flat fees. Attorneys must bill monthly for any work completed in the past month. The Plan pays attorneys at a rate of $200/hr and $100/hr for paralegals. This rate is not negotiable and the participant is not allowed to pay the difference between what the Plan pays and what the attorney normally charges.

The Plan has a maximum amount that can be paid for each benefit. The attorney must complete the case even if this maximum is reached.