How to obtain a claim number:

1. Once a participant contacts you for representation, call or email our office to obtain a claim number. We will need the transaction code along with the participants name and social.

a. Phone: 1-800-222-3024 (within California) 1-800-222-3025 (outside California)

b. Email:

2. Have the participant complete a claim form and the rights and responsibilities form. If you obtain a claim number before the client comes into the office, be sure to have them complete the form as soon as they come into the office. Payment for the claim cannot be issued without this form.

3. You must not complete any work on the case until a claim number is acquired. A claim number authorizes you for your service as well as verifies that a participant is eligible. Claim numbers will not be backdated and no payments will be issued for services rendered before the date of claim issuance.

4. The claim form and rights and responsibilities form must be submitted with your first billing. You are required to keep a copy of this claim form in your records.

How to submit invoices:

1. Billing statements need to be submitted monthly for services rendered in the previous month. Statements are due by the close of business on the 14th for payment to be issued on the 20th or by close of business on the last day of the month for payment to be issued on the 5th of the following month. Do not wait until a case is complete to submit billing. Any billing which is submitted and has dates of service that are 180 days past will be denied.

2. If you choose to use your own billing statement that is fine as long as it includes all of the required items.

3. The following items are required on all submitted billings:

a. Attorney code

b. Claim number and transaction code

c. Dates of services and time (hours & minutes / % of hour of service)

d. Fee per date of service ($200/hr for attorneys and $100/hr for paralegals)

e. Description for each fee

f. Plan participant SSN

g. Attorney signature

h. Attorney’s initials next to each date of service – the billing must clearly state which attorney completed work on the case. The initials must be typed or printed so they can clearly be read.

4. Filing fees and mediation cost are issued a separate claim number. You must call our office to obtain this number. Please make sure that you write this claim number on the billing form. There is a section at the bottom of the dates of service/description section for you to bill for filing fees.

5. Travel expenses must also be issued a separate claim number. Travel expenses must be preapproved by contacting our office. Panel Attorneys should avoid accepting cases where travel is required unless there is not an attorney who could complete the case without having to incur travel expenses.

6. Photocopies, toll calls, express delivery, messenger fees, etc. are not covered.

7. Billing statements can be faxed, mailed, or emailed.

8. No payments or claim numbers will be issued if our records indicate that your malpractice insurance has expired. Any time you receive an updated insurance contract, please forward us a copy of the declaration page.

9. Only attorneys approved by the Board can work on Teamster cases. If there are other attorneys in your firm who would like to work on Teamster cases, they must go through the approval process first.

Cost not covered by the Plan

• Bank charges and bank legal fees for preparation of mortgage documents

• Title reports

• Fines, penalties or fees which have been charged against the member

• Private investigations

• Polygraph tests

• Adoption agency fees

• Medical examinations and tests

• Abstract updating

• Copies of driving records and police reports

• Postage and copy fees charged by the attorney

• Long distance calls

• Witness fees

• Courier fees

• Immigration application fees